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brazilian – released – 17/fev/2015, ukrainian – released – 17 лют 2015, italian – released – 17 feb 2015, french – released – 17 févr. 2015, hungarian – released – 2015. febr. 17., japanese – released – 2015年2月17日, koreana – released – 2015년 2월 17일, german – released – 17. Feb. 2015, spanish – released – 17 FEB 2015, english – released – 17 Feb, 2015, russian – released – 17 фев. 2015, schinese – released – 2015年2月17日







Whether large or small, the main difference between enemies in modern action-oriented RPGs has always just been the number of their hitpoints. Legend – Hand of God, the new action RPG by ANACONDA and Master Creating breaks with this tradition, setting new standards. Thanks to the innovative Cinematic Combat System, orcs, ogres, trolls, goblins and their ilk will all be fought heroically in their own right.

The Cinematic Combat System makes every monster brawl special: in Legend,
gamers won’t use their sword to tickle giant enemies at the knees anymore, but will fight them in a challenging and realistic manner – and in beautiful, spectacular 3D graphics. At the same time, Legend – Hand of God remains just as easy to control as other action RPGs.

The impressive graphics are provided by an in-house engine, tailored specifically for the needs of an action RPG. Randomly generated dungeons and a manually crafted world on the surface bring the fantasy universe of Legend – Hand of God to life. A luminous spirit accompanies the players, giving him tips and clues, serving as the cursor and – thanks to real-time lighting – illuminating the dark corners of the world. Action RPG fans will love Legend – Hand of God and its fantasy setting and strong
storyline, written by renowned US author Susan O’Connor. Well-know developers and designers are part of the project’s team.

  • Action RPG set in a fantasy world
  • Breathtaking 3D graphics courtesy of the Master Engine, which was designed specifically for action RPGs
  • Luminous spirit doubles as mouse cursor/dynamic light source
  • Written by top American author
  • Star-studded team of developers
  • Cinematic Combat System
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